EU VAT Redirect Wordpress Plugin

Please note: this plugin is no longer updated.

EU VAT Redirect allows sellers of digital products to send users in the EU to one payment provider, and those outside the EU to another.

From 2015 sellers of digital products to customers in the EU are required to charge VAT on the product's purchase price, with the VAT rate being determined by the location of the customer, and report it regularly. Many retailers will handle this by using a payment processor that handles the VAT calculation and reporting. However such processors have far higher transaction fees than other "standard" processors such as PayPal.

The plugin is used in place of the URL in "buy now" links. When the user selects the "buy now" button, the user's IP address is checked and EU VAT Redirect determines whether a user is in the EU or outside it. Users in the EU can be sent to a payment processor that handles the VAT calculation, whilst those outside the EU can be sent to a cheaper processor, which doesn't.

Features include:

This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

How to get the plugin

Simply go to the EU VAT Redirect page at

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